James Madison University Website For Teaching Evolution

Powerpoints to download

  • Jay Labov Workshop: What Should We Do to Teach about Evolution
  • Jay Labov Lecture on Teaching and Communicating Controversial Topics in Science: Ongoing Challenges and Opportunities
  • Websites with lesson plans and case studies to try out and review

  • PBS TeacherÕs guide to Evolution
  • This site provides curriculum-based activities and multimedia resources on science and evolution.

  • NOVA TeacherÕs guide to Evolution
  • This site provides access to lesson ideas, interactive exercises, articles, interviews and videos for teaching numerous topics in evolution. Look under TOPIC: Evolution. NOVA also has a work-in-progress beta site on evolution, which includes links to many other websites, evolution articles in the news and more NOVA articles, programs and interviews including How did life begin but I canÕt figure out how to access all the material that is archived at the beta site. The beta page has five articles that alternate in its main box, and once you select one, you get links to additional ÒEditors choiceÓ articles, but I canÕt find a list of all of the archived articles available including the one on how life begins.

  • University of Buffalo case studies on teaching evolution
  • This site provides case studies on basic evolution studies (Darwin's finches, animal behavior) and also on the controversies regarding creationism and intelligent design. Most are probably more appropriate for college level.

  • Understanding Science: How science really works
  • This site provides resources, ideas and arguments for teaching K12 science. Particularly useful here are the comments on explaining theories such as biological evolution, dealing with controversies (see pages 19-21 of How Science works), the dinosaur extinction (see Asteroids and dinosaurs), and reconciling the differences between science and religion (see Correcting misconceptions).

    Video resources available on line

  • NOVA showing of DarwinÕs Darkest Hour
  • Other NOVA programs that can be viewed online.