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National Science Education Standards - National Academy of Sciences

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Resources for Teaching Content

Resources to help you and your students understand the process, the evidence, and the scientific and social issues surrounding this foundational concept of biology.

Resources for teaching about the interactions of organisms with one another and with their environment.

Immunology and Medical Issues - The American Association of Immunologists

BIOTECH-IN-A-BOX Fralin Biotechnology Center, VPISU
Free use of kits in public education for teaching biotechnology and immunology. They ship materials to you for classroom use.

Science Fair Project Resources

Help with Science Fair Projects is just around the corner.

Cloning Plants by Tissue Culture An illustrated guide to the steps involved in clonal (asexual) propagation of plants. These techniques are used for commercial propagation of plants to maintain specific traits and are used in biotechnology for molecular breeding (genetic engineering) to introduce new genetic traits and regenerate the modified plant tissue into an intact organism.

Just for Fun

Secret Passageways - explore nature as viewed with a scanning electron microscope.

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