Spring 2003

Molecular Biology 580 Requirements

Additional Lecture Requirements: In addition to completing the BIO 480 lecture schedule, BIO 580 students are required to identify a topic in Molecular Biology agreeable with both the student and instructor before Spring Break (March 11). The student will do research and use primary research articles to put together a 30 minute talk to be given during the last week of class on the topic and turn in a list of resources to the instructor.

BIO 580 Laboratory Schedule

green highlights indicate experiments that differ from the BIO 480 course. In the second half of the semester BIO 580 students will be expected to observe what BIO 480 students are doing however grants for microarray slides do not allow graduates to work directly with the slides. The BIO 580 students will be expected to work independently on labs and put together a presentation comparing the microarray technique with the technique of using RT-PCR. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each technique?
Procedures and 
Project 1
Jan. 14
Introduction to laboratory techniques
Isolate clones from the Arbidopsis cDNA library
General Procedures
Isolation of Clones
Culture Preparation
Jan. 21
Inoculate clone cultures
(the day before lab)
Preparation of plasmid DNA from clones
Culture Preparation
Plasmid Miniprep
Exploring Databases
Jan. 28
EcoR 1 / BamH 1 Digest and
Agarose Gel
Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
Restriction  Digests
Feb. 4
DNA Sequencing Reactions and gel
Cycle Sequencing Reactions
Preparation of DNA Sequencing Gel
Feb. 11
Bioinformatics I: Genomic Sequence Databases
Sequence Analsyis on our Machine
Editing your DNA Sequences
Data Base Information 
Accessing and Understanding Sequence Databases
Feb. 21- Friday in class.
Take Home Lab Exam 1 Due
No lab on Feb. 18
Assesment Day
Feb. 25
Bioinformatics II: Sequence Alignment and Analysis
Desktop Sequence Alignment Software
March 7 - Friday
Web Poster 1 Due
Project 2
March 4
The Differences between Microarray Analysis and RT/PCR
Growing Yeast/ Isolation of RNA
RNA Isolation and Analysis
March 11
No Lab - Spring Break!!!
March 18
RNA Isolation
Analysis of RNA 
RNA Isolation and Analysis
March 25
Invitrogene RT Protocol
Week of April 1
Designing PCR Primers
PCR Primer Design
April 8
April 15
Gel Electrophoresis
Gel electrophoresis
April 22
Present Findings


April 28
Take Home Exam 2 Due
April 29
Evaluations and
May 2- Friday
Web Poster 2 Due

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March 24, 2003
T. Rife